Global expert in Businesses’ Internationalization, Political and Corporate Strategy, Sustainability and Green Economy. Renowned Corporate and Political Advisor, Mr. Verde advises to numerous organizations, institutions and companies, highlighting his work as adviser of US Government.

Outstanding speaker and communicator, he brings a unique vision and a global understanding about the future of the economy, and the key strategies that any company or institution should follow when they plan to grow and expand.

Some of the issues he may address are:

  • - Political Marketing and Strategies
  • - Businesses’ Internalization and Businesses’ Strategy
  • - Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • - Sustainability

“In the next years, we will see an unprecedented growth in green technology use and innovation which will result in historic business and investment opportunities for governments and businesses that seize the moment. We will be more “green” not just because is ethical and correct, but also because is it is a great economic opportunity and a competitive advantage”

Juan Verde