"Juan Verde's hard work and dedication has made him a key player in the Latino community"

Federico Peña, former US Secretary of Energy, Transportation and Mayor of Denver
"A long-time friend, Juan has been an invaluable partner in the fight against climate change"

Al Gore. Nobel Prize Laureate and 45th United States Vice-President
"If you want to really understand the US-EU bilateral trade relationship, Juan Verde always has a unique perspective."

Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, Ambassador to the UN and former US Secretary of Energy
"Juan's unrelenting drive and commitment is simply outstanding"

William J. Clinton, 42nd United States President
Corporate and Political Advisor to numerous organizations, institutions and companies. A passionate advocate for social causes. and companies. Entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for social causes. Global expert in Business Internationalization, Political and Corporate Strategy, Sustainability and Green Economy.